We designed our facility from the ground up and included state of the art tubs and rubber matting throughout the entire facility. The interior is temperature controlled, and there are two large fenced outdoor play areas. Dogs in daycare are always supervised, provided with nap-time when needed, and with three seperate indoor areas so your dog can be placed with a group that they feel most comfortable with.

Welcome to Barkin' Bathhouse Inc.!

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We are an established facility in Kelso, Washington offering a wide range of services for your canine family members, including professional grooming, self-service washing, and daycare. We use only natural, organic shampoos and conditioners and have specialty treatments for various skin conditions. We also carry quality products for sale, including hand-made collars and leashes, all-natural dog foods, Raw food and treats, popular toys and more!


  Please feel free to stop by for a personal tour or give us a call if you have any questions. We strive to make our facility a comfortable, relaxing atmosphere so that bathing and daycare remain a positive experience for your dog! Thanks for visiting and we look forward to meeting you and your dog soon!


                                                       Barkin' Bathhouse & Doggie Daycare

                                                                 104 N.W. 3rd Ave.

                                                                  Kelso, WA 98626

                                                                   Ph: (360) 578-0747